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Provide Frame Infor.

Provide Front Image

Demo: Full E Try-on® Service

Demo: Link to Etryon.net Service
Link to etryon.net >> How to Start
How to use E Try-on® service by linking to Etryon.net
Please make sure you have a functional web site with glasses frame catelog. Once you are ready, you may start by registering an account.
Create a Merchant Account
Please follow this link to register a merchant account.
Make a Payment
Under the merchant account menu, you will be able to order E Try-on® service for the glasses frames that you wish to list on etryon.net web site. Simply choose the number of eyeglasses and sunglasses you would like to submit. Payment can be made by PayPal.
Provide information about the glasses frames
The data feed provides glasses frame information that will appear on the E Try-on page. If you have problem creating the data feed file, simply provide us the URL of the glasses frame page on your web site and we will set up the data for you. Please contact us if you require assistance in creating the data feed file. Please visit Provide Frame Informationpage for format and example of the data feed file.
Provide front image of the glasses frames
A front Image of the glasses will be required for E Try-on®. This front image will be edited to become the try-on glasses image. Please visit Front Glasses Image Requirement page for more details.
Start using E Try-on® service
You may start to use E Try-on® service by placing links to e try-on page from your web site. Your customers can try-on an individual glasses frame from your web site by clicking on the link on your glasses detail page or try on all the frames from your web site by clicking on an E Try-on® link from anywhere on your web site. Please visit "Add Links to Etryon.net" for format and examples.
Free Trial:
Sign Up today and submit 2 eyeglasses frames for E Try-on® for free*. This offer includes free set up and 6 months E Try-on® subscription for 2 eyeglasses frames.
*Free trial offer strictly limited to 2 eyeglasses frames per domain.

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