Data Feed Instruction
The product feed contains the content from your web site's product pages.
The first line of the file should be the header, using the field names defined below; each subsequent line should provide the data for a single frame colour.

a) file format
The file should be tab delimited .txt file.

b) Content Requirements
Datafeeds must be submitted with all the information that is outlined in the table below. The fields should be in the order as shown in the table below.
Field Name Field Description Maximum Size Mandatory
 MFrameID text string or number, unique identifier of a frame model in your system. One frame model can have a couple of frames in different colours (frame colours). 20 Yes
  FrameCode text string, code for the frame model. for example "M632" 30 Yes
 FrameType text string "eyeglasses" or "sunglasses" 20 Yes
 Style text string "Full Rim", "Half-Rim" or "Rimless" 20 Yes
 Size text string "Adult", "Kid" or "Adult and Kid" 20  
 Gender text string "Male", "Unisex" or "Female" 20  
 Price price in your country Currency number  
 Currency Your country currency. for example "AUD$", "USD$" 20  
 EyeWidth lens width in milimeters (mm) number Yes
 BridgeWidth bridge width in milimeters (mm) number Yes
 LenseDepth lens depth in milimeters (mm) number Yes
 TempleLength TempleLength in milimeters (mm) number  
 OverallWidth maximum end to end front width in milimeters(mm) measured when the arms are open. number Yes
 Hinge text string "Flexible Spring" or "Regular" 30  
 Bridge text string "Adjustable Nose Pad" or "Not Adjustable" 30  
 merchantID integer number, it is the unique identifier of the merchant assigned by web site. MerchantID can be found in the "Welcome to merchant program" email received after registration. integer number Yes
 material text string "Metal", "Titanium" or "Acetate", "Plastic" 30  
 fdescription text string 200  
 BRAND brand name, for example "Mako" 30  
 MFrameColourID text string or number, it is the unique identifier of a frame colour in your system. This is required for try-on one glasses frame from your web site. 20 Yes
 Colour text string, for example "white", "blue" 30  
 ColourCode text string, colour code of the frame, for example "COL. 3" 30  
 smallImage URL of the small frame image 250 Yes
 LargeImage URL of the large frame image 250 Yes
 returnURL URL of the product page on your web site 250 Yes
c) Data feed Example
Please see an example data feed file here.