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E Try-on®
allows you to upload your own portrait photo and virtually try-on glasses online. E Try-on® accurately sizes the glasses to your face so that you can visually see the image of yourself wearing the glasses as if you are trying on glasses in front of a mirror. It overcomes the problem with trying on glasses in an optical shop in front of a mirror where the glasses are not fitted with prescription lenses which makes it difficult to see the actual image of yourself in the mirror.
Software Required.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, or Firefox 2.0 or later, Google Chrome or Safari.
  • Adobe Flash plug-in installed for your browser. Please visit www.adobe.com web site to download the flash player if you dont have it.
  • Enable Javascript.
  • Turn on cookies in your browser. Please follow the instruction below to turn on cookies.

    Internet Explorer Users
    1. In an IE browser window, select Tools > Internet Options.
    2. In IE 6.0 or above, select the Privacy tab. In IE 5.0 or below, select the security tab.
    3. Move the slider to select the Low level.
    4. Click the OK button.

    Firefox Users
    1. In an Firefox browser window, select Tools > Options.
    2. Select the Privacy tab.
    3.Under cookies, check the "accept cookies from sites" check box.
    4. Click the OK button.
Portrait Photo
Use the correct portrait photo is the key for E Try-on®. The portrait should be taken straight on eye level showing your full face and head with your eyes looking directly at the camera, without glasses. The photo should not show you looking over one shoulder or with head tilted.
You can take a photo using webcam or upload a photo.

File Formats if Uploading a Photo
Your file should be in JPG or JPEG format. Please do not compress the file.
Image Size if Uploading a Photo
The width and height should be at least 500 pixels but no more than 2800 pixels. The file size should not be more than 600KB.
Configure Face Photo
Please follow the 3 steps on the page to configure the face photo for E Try-on.
It's important that the PD has to be entered before you start adjusting the photo. Please remember to reconfigure your face photo if your PD has changed.

The configured photo should look somehow different from the original photo. The adjusted photo should be centered. In most cases it should be the magnified image of the original. If you need help in configuring your face photo, please contact us with your login email address. Our staff members will be able to adjust your photo and upload it for you.
PD (Pupillary Distance)
PD is the distance between the centre of two pupils when your eyes are looking at a distance object in the front that are 60 centimetres away or beyond. It is measured in millimetres (mm). PD measurement is the important information we need in order to scale the glasses to your face during E Try-on®. Please make sure to enter a correct PD.

The average PD is 60mm for women and 64mm for men.

If there is no Pd value in your prescription, please remember to ask your optometrist to measure the PD for you when you visit the optometrist next time.

Meanwhile you can have your PD measured with a ruler and the help of a friend by following this instruction:

  1. Put the millimetre ruler on the bridge of your nose.
  2. Ask someone to stand approximately 60 centimetres away from you and measure the distance between the centres of your pupils (the black circle in your eyes) with your eyes looking at a distance object in the front. Repeat a few times until a consistent result is obtained.
  3. You can measure pupillary distance yourself by using a mirror. You will stand at least 30 centimetres away from the mirror, place a ruler in front of your eyes and measure the distance between your pupils with your eyes looking at yourself in the mirror. Repeat a few times until a consistent result is obtained.
E Try-on® glasses
You can now search for glasses and try them on by clicking on the small glasses image.

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