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Vision correction with prescription glasses

Prescription glasses are the most common solution for people with vision problems. Different types of lenses are available nowadays to enable you to enjoy excellent vision through different stages of our lives.

The first step in getting a pair of prescription glasses is to visit your optometrist. Your optometrist may provide you a copy of your prescription after examing your eyes. A prescription usually is valid for 2 years.

No matter where you purchase the glasses, online or from a local optical store, there are two aspects in buying a pair of eyeglasses: 1. glasses frames and 2. the prescription lenses.

Read the following articles for inside tips on how to choose glasses frames, different lens materials and types of prescription lenses.

Choose Glasses Frames
There are a number of things you should consider when choosing glasses frames. For example, people often ask "how to make sure the frame is at the right size and going to fit?", "What is the best frame material for my situation?", "Can I have a small frame for multifocal lenses?". Do you know whether to choose a full-rim, semi-rimless or rimless frame is not only a choice of style, it also affects the total cost of the glasses? ...read more

Different Types of Prescription Lenses
I am near sighted, wearing glasses since I was 10 years old. Then one day after my 40th's birthday I found is was difficult for my eyes to focus on the small print on the newspaper with my glasses. What type of lenses should I choose? single vision Near, bifocal or multifocal? I also spend a lot of time on computer...read more

Different Lens materials
Now I have decided what type of lenses I would like, what lens material should I choose? CR39 or impact resistant lenses? Do I need high index lenses? should I have anti-reflective coating?... read more

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